“Traitor?” is the story of an American soldier's journey to Islam having found it in the 'armpit of the world', Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Part expose, part personal journey, “Traitor?” is presented to make you think about the effect that the 'War on Terror' has had, on those at home and abroad. 

- Did the actions of the abusive soldiers in GTMO help actually create that fictional enemy the American administration so desperately wanted to locate and destroy?
- Were those in front of or behind the bars guilty of crimes of hatred? 

- Is being a good American compatible with being a Muslim?

These questions are not answered hypothetically by a scholar who has studied statistics and history books, but by a low-ranking soldier in the U.S. Army who has himself served a complicated, conflicting, and illuminating year in GTMO.

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"...I highly recommend this book to anyone regardless of your own political view or religious beliefs. This could be anyone's story..."

"Once I started reading I couldn't put the book down. A must read."

"Honest, straightforward and bold!"